Project Food Blog Voting Open for Challenge 7!!!

Voting has officially opened for Project Food Blog challenge 7!

I am competing to be the next food blog star and I need your votes to advance to the next round! If you enjoy what you read here at Jacob’s Kitchen, or love looking at my delicious food photos, please take a moment to cast your vote. You can do so by clicking here (simply click on “vote for the entry” along the top bar).

For those of you not registered on foodbuzz, you will be prompted to create an account. You don’t have to have a food blog to love foodbuzz. It is a great way to gather lots of kitchen inspiration, commune with other foodies, and collect fabulous recipes. The registration process will only take twenty seconds (it simply asks you to enter your email address and create a user name and password).

I’m in it to win it, and I appreciate all of your continued support, I hope to make it all the way to the end!!

Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!

Go team Jacob!!!!!


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5 responses to “Project Food Blog Voting Open for Challenge 7!!!

  1. I voted for you!! Those scones deserve to win!!!

  2. I am sure you will make it to the end and beyond..Must say the scones were amazing…

  3. Ellie

    Jacob, so very sorry that you didn’t go pass this week’s challenge…

    There is no way this competition is not rigged! I’ve watched excellent bloggers being eliminated (Foodie with Family, Palachinka, etc.) while so-so ones are still there. Also, while Oh She Glows is good she cannot be THAT good all the time, unless there is something going very wrong. I wish there was a place on FoodBuzz for us, the voters, to voice our complaints, likes and dislikes – sorry to turn your post into this place, but I had to say it at some point and I’m very upset about your elimination especially after such a wonderful performance from you for this challenge.

    Please keep up the wonderful work, you have one of the best culinary blogs out there.

  4. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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