My Oregon State Fair Results

Every year, just for fun, I enter some of my jams and baked goods into the Oregon State Fair. I have always thought it was fun to peruse all of the crafts and home arts that are displayed at the fair. There are so many creative and talented people out there, and it is a great outlet to showcase the best of the people of Oregon. One year I thought, hey why not put my hat in the ring, what’s the worst that can happen? And each year I have been fortunate enough to walk away with a few ribbons (you can see a complete list on my Awards/Features page). This morning I received the results of this year’s entries and they are as follows:

Best of Class AwardLinzer Cookies

1st place Blue RibbonLinzer Cookies

1st place Blue RibbonApricot Almond Scones

1st place Blue RibbonLime Pound Cake

2nd Place Red Ribbon – Orange Marmalade

3rd place White RibbonOregon Berry Jam

I also won best rolled cookie this year (with the Linzer cookies), and in so doing won a free rolling pin! It is all just for silliness and fun, and I certainly am nowhere near the big contenders who have the time and energy to enter dozens of items each year. But it is nice, nonetheless, to have a little pat on the back for all of my carefully cultivated recipes.  Happy Friday!


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5 responses to “My Oregon State Fair Results

  1. b kinch

    Congrats! Those cookies are so beautiful!

  2. hennifer

    Congrats! You know how I feel about those cookies! And this pound cake… how did I miss this?

  3. woman&warrior

    Hey Jacob, do you ship out of state?

    Congratulations on your big win! There’s a lot of competition in these contests, and really, only the best win. You’re really onto something.

    Hope the food network or Ina G discover you soon!

  4. Jacob~
    You are very humble. I think you should be proud of your awards. Nothing makes happier than to have my creations please the palette of another.
    ~From one fellow Ina lover to another~

    • Thanks Molly!

      I am definitely proud of having won all of my ribbons. And you are right, nothing is quite as nice as pleasing the people for whom you are cooking/baking.

      You noticed my deep, profound love of Ina Garten, huh? lol She is fabulous. We love her. I have all of her cook books, and watch all of her shows. I find her tremendously inspiring, with her simple but sophisticated take on food. Hooray for Ina!

      Thanks for stopping by! =)

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