Banana Bread French Toast

A couple of weeks ago one of my facebook friends said that he liked to make french toast out of slices of banana bread, and ever since then I have been obsessed with the idea. Last night I found myself with several over ripe bananas, and so at midnight I somehow found the motivation and decided that I would make a loaf of banana bread, just so I could make this french toast in the morning. What a deliciously sinister plot. I made the bread using one of my favorite stand by banana bread recipes from the Kona Inn which I have been making for many years. I always add a splash of pure vanilla extract, and a generous dash of both cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg, and I typically omit the walnuts (because of my allergy).  I also almost always replace the shortening in the recipe with butter, unless I am for some reason out of butter (which is only very rarely). This morning, since the bread was so moist, I sliced it and placed the slices on a sheet pan and baked them for 20 minutes or so in a 300º oven just to dry them out a little bit, so they could absorb the batter without just disintegrating. Next I combined three eggs, a healthy splash of whole milk, a little vanilla extract, about a tablespoon of sugar, and a big pinch of both cinnamon and nutmeg. I soaked each slice in the batter for about one minute, and then browned them in a buttered skillet for approximately two minutes per side. Top them with sliced bananas, toasted walnuts (if you are fortunate enough not to be allergic to them), and a drizzle of pure maple syrup (preferably grade A dark amber). What a simple but decadent breakfast. Moist and flavorful, spicy and sweet, it is perfect for house guests, Sunday brunch, or just a special treat for the family. We always seem to find ourselves with extra bananas around the house so I frequently make banana bread, as not to waste them (and if I don’t have time to make it immediately, I freeze the bananas for bread making on another day). This will definitely become a staple in our house. Thanks for the great idea Matt! Enjoy!


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18 responses to “Banana Bread French Toast

  1. Banana bread french toast is a wonderful (and incredibly decadent) breakfast. I’ve made it before and topped it with some fresh strawberries. I was in heaven. Great post!

  2. We love Banana Rum French Toast. Try adding a little dark rum to the batter. Rum makes anything better!

  3. I can see how you got obsessed with the idea…now I am OBSESSED with the idea! 🙂

  4. looks simple and elegant too!!

  5. I agree, I think this obsession with banana bread French toast is infectious! Now, I can’t wait to try serving this for breakfast and giving the family a lovely surprise. 😉

  6. This sounds great, I love trying new breads for french toast, never though of banana bread, obsession begins…

  7. This french toast looks positively sinful…in a good way of course!

  8. Love it!! I have also wanted to make carrot cake in a loaf shape, slice and use that in my French toast. I guess making French toast unhealthier than it already is is a pretty satisfying goal? haha

  9. Just the title of this post makes it a must read. Amazing! My daughter will LOVE this!!

  10. this looks very morish and dense!

  11. Yum! I really want to try this.. I’ll let you know when I get around to making carrot cake french toast 🙂 Yay for quick bread french toasts! ha

  12. What a great idea! I never really thought about making sliced banana bread into french toast. That would be a BIG hit around my house.

  13. What an amazing idea! I made something similar to this today with chocolate cherry bread, but it didn’t inspire me to think of the banana bread french toast like you did!

  14. misssmouse

    What a great breakfast! I love french toast made types of bread.

  15. b kinch

    I’m all about the novelty french toast (and hey, we use the same banana bread recipe!). Last week we made french toast waffles. It’s just battered bread cooked on the waffle iron. Next up… banana bread french toast waffles!

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