Basil Green Goddess Dressing

Shamefully, in the last couple of weeks, in my busyness and general stupidity as an awful human being , I have allowed a considerable portion of my csa produce to spoil in my fridge. This is not acceptable. I can do better. So this week I am now on a mission to use everything, down to the last little leaf of lettuce and parsley stem. In surveying all of my produce, and imagining what I might concoct with such a spread, I realized that I had everything I needed for a nice salad with basil green goddess dressing. Yay! That spells lunch to me! I did use Ina’s recipe as a guide, but didn’t really measure anything. I added twice the lemon juice, I would think, along with the zest of half a lemon, ’cause I like a nice twang, and a big handful of basil leaves, scallions, parsley, six anchovy fillets along with the capers they were wrapped around (because I didn’t have any anchovy paste on hand), a big pinch of chipotle powder, to add just a little nudge of heat, and a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper. Once upon a time I used to be afraid of anchovies. Thinking back, I am not exactly sure why. My own ignorance I suppose. But then I discovered the amazingly delicious wonders of fish sauce (which is largely made with anchovies), and lamented all of the many wasted years of great flavor. Really, when it comes down to it, they taste sort of like slightly fishy, extremely salty Parmesan cheese. So nutty and robust, and you would never know or even venture to guess that there were any fish in this dressing, or in sauces, or any of the many other anchovy applications. Seriously. If, like me, you have been afraid to take the plunge into the fishy waters, what are you waiting for? You are missing out! But I digress… I sliced a colorful assortment of tomatoes, and placed them along side half a small head of red curly leaf lettuce, which I washed and spun dry in my salad spinner. And enjoyed the salad with a fabulously excessive amount of this incredibly full flavored dressing. It is creamy and tangy, with a little heat from the fresh garlic and scallions, and the grassyness of the almost licoricey, minty basil. It hits your palate in all the right places, and is a perfect compliment for these amazing farm fresh, vine ripened tomatoes. What a perfectly delicious lunch, and a step in the right direction of utilizing the entirety of my csa. Anyone out there have any good recipe suggestions for kohlrabi or lemon cucumbers? If so, let me know, that will be my next challenge. Happy eating everyone!


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13 responses to “Basil Green Goddess Dressing

  1. b kinch

    Yummy! As you know, I spend most of my waking hours concocting salad dressings and this one sounds great.
    I love green goddess in its original form and all the hippy incarnations like avocado goddess and tahini goddess (which you can find at the salad bar in Lifesource, and the recipe is on their website). Kholrabi is good stir fried like broccoli stalks, or made into coleslaw. I like it in a mixed slaw with dressing made of mayo, buttermilk, dry mustard or horseradish for bite, cider vinegar and a little sweetener. Oh, and celery seed.
    The lemon cukes can be used for juggling, or you can cut them across the hemisphere, scoop out the seeds and fill them with: bay shrimp cocktail, tuna salad, sushi makings, or cottage cheese.

    Hope your fair baking went well!

    PS: Ditto on the anchovy love. (It’s so nutty!)

  2. colourful dressing looks delicious

  3. Great recipe. I suggest you compost your guilt. Nobody can keep up with a CSA in August!

  4. That dressing looks so delicious. I’m always concocting new dressings to use, this one I’ll have to give a try. I am in the category of those afraid of anchovies, but with your reccomendation I may have to try them:)

  5. oooh, that’s the perfect way to use your produce! score for you!!!

  6. I just saw Ina making this on TV. Nice!!

  7. the hollandaise..then this!! your colors.

  8. Sounds like a great lunch to me, and a good way to use up a chunk of CSA goodies!

  9. misssmouse

    I was just thinking I needed some new salad dressings to try and this one looks amazing! I love Basil and I not afraid of anchovies..I love the saltiness.

  10. What a wonderful dressing. I must try this one. I can just imagine it on a iceburg wedge. Yum!!

  11. Flippie

    I lived in the Netherlands for a few years and they use kohlrabi in many dishes. Of course they stamp them with potatoes, but I found them baked with a cream cheese sauce was my favorite way to eat them.

    • Hey Flippie,

      Thanks for the tip. Sounds delicious. The CSA has been sending out 4 or 5 kohlrabi each week, and I had been a little stumped. So far I have tried them roasted with Parmesan cheese, and mashed like potatoes, but the addition of a cream cheese sauce sound like heaven.

      Thanks for stopping by! =)

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