Homemade Naan

I have been watching Anjum Anand’s cooking show Indian Food Made Easy for a long time. Her recipes always look so delicious and simple, and she really makes Indian food seem very easy to prepare. This morning I decided to give her naan bread recipe a shot, since we had some lentils in the fridge, along with THE BEST homemade Indian lemon pickle ever in the history of the world (courtesy of a dear friend…or, should I say, the Masi of a dear friend). I doubled the recipe, and followed her instructions diligently. I have to say, it really was very easy to make. I cooked them on a heated baking sheet under the broiler for about two minutes. And while they are not the very best naan I have ever eaten, they are certainly very passable, considering the lack of a Tandoor oven. They are tender, crisp, slightly chewy, and make the perfect compliment to your own little Indian feast. I flavored them with sesame and poppy seeds, and finished them off with a brush of melted butter and a sprinkling of coarse sea salt and fresh chopped cilantro. It is at times like these that I remember that I really love trying new recipes, and creating new experiences in the kitchen. Taking something that I would never have thought I could make myself at home, and doing it anyway. I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Life is a delicious adventure. Or at least it is today.  Happy eating!


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21 responses to “Homemade Naan

  1. I love Naan! Have never made it before, but this looks easy enough. Thanks for posting!

  2. I adore naan and love how yours turned out. Sopping up some good curry with that would be perfect.

  3. I need to look up this show. I have not heard of it. It looks beautiful!

    • jacobskitchen

      They have just started replaying it on the new cooking channel! (Otherwise I used to catch it on BBC and or AZN)


  4. after making naan at home, i will never buy the premade stuff at the store again. so delicious!

  5. I love nann but I never made my own naan. Sometimes when I make Indian food I make my own poori though, maybe next time I’ll try making naan.

  6. What a gorgeous colour on your naan…delicious!

  7. I thought naan was supposed to have curd in it…yours look great in any case so I will have to try this recipe…really seems easy!

    • jacobskitchen

      Yes. I have definitely seen a lot of recipes for naan that call for yogurt and also yeast. But these seem to work out fine without them =)

  8. oh jeez!! i just love naan!! yours looks so good!!

  9. Oh Mamma! These naan just made my heart skip a beat! I just feel like going into the kitchen and making some now… Thanks for the recipe!

  10. love making naan these look delicious

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever caught that show and I LOVE Indian food! The naan is always my favorite part and whenever we make Indian at home I buy the store bought naan.. I’m definitely going to to give this a try!

  12. I probably should not be making naan at home. That just sounds like a bad idea considering how good these look and my girly carb obsession. This is stunning naan bread that would have me eating with no stopping in sight!

  13. Dang, that looks good. Must…resist…carbs.

  14. I love Naan – and this recipe looks remarkably easy. I cook Indian food several times a month. This will definitely be on my “must try” list!

  15. gigi

    Lemon pickle would be fantastic on that naan. Looks scrumptious!

  16. Absolutely love that show. I am using several recent episodes to come up with a pan-Indian menu of dishes from several regions. Indian friends of mine are in for a treat!!!


  17. woman&warrior

    Oh, so you’re making Indian food now? Don’t need my help anymore. Fine then! Pffftttt! Off to make my own dal and naan!


  18. I have always wanted to make naan at home. Thanks for sharing. The poppy seed addition sounds interesting.

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