Cantaloupe Aguas Frescas

Cantaloupe is perhaps my favorite fruit for aguas frescas. It is so flavorful, and just screams summertime. And, as luck would have it, I found myself this morning with a bunch of leftover cantaloupe from the event last night. And what better way could there be to use it than in this refreshing drink. I filled my blender with diced fresh cantaloupe, I then added the juice of one lime, about a fourth of a cup of sugar (you may want to use more or less depending on how sweet your melon is), a big pinch of salt, and enough water to bring the blender to capacity (about 2-3 cups). I blended it up for a minute, then strained it, to remove all of the melon pulp. Serve it up over ice, with a wedge of cantaloupe and you have a deliciously thirst quenching treat perfect for any hot summer afternoon. Cheers!


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10 responses to “Cantaloupe Aguas Frescas

  1. Sounds so simple and so yummy! Plus, it’s gorgeous – great pictures!

  2. Joy

    I love, love, love cantaloupe. Your images just makes me crave for some right now.

  3. It is a beauty… thanks for the post and the inspiration!

  4. I was just thinking today, “what can you really make with cantaloupe other than eating it alone?” And here you have it!! What a lovely beverage!

  5. This looks so refreshing. I would love a glass of this while sitting on the patio on a hot summer’s day.

  6. Cantaloupe is very summery. I really like the way this sounds. Great pics!

  7. I swear…I don’t know which is better…your ideas or the pictures of them. This is gorgeous.

  8. beccalouise

    I was also looking for ways to use up canteloupe. It seems like our CSA gets us at least one a week throughout the summer and it is it our favorite thing to eat. But I just made your recipe and it might now be my favorite thing to drink! Even my one year old and four year old were asking for more.

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