Shaved Fennel and Orange Salad

While I do genuinely enjoy cooking and baking, there are definitely times where I feel as though the kitchen is the last place I want to be. Luckily, making delicious food doesn’t always require cooking. In fact, a lot of what we call “cooking” is really just assembling. Salads are a  great example. There are hundreds of salads that you can toss together in minutes, and have a satisfying meal without any of the hassle. Here I threw together a classic, almost elegant salad of shaved fennel and orange, on a bed of arugula. I started by arranging arugula on each plate, and then used a mandoline to thinly slice a bulb of fennel directly over it. Using a knife, I removed the peel from two oranges and, rather than supreme, simply sliced them into (rough) half moons, and arranges those on top of the shaved fennel. I then whisked together a simple vinaigrette of extra virgin olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, a little  juice from the oranges, one clove of pressed garlic, salt, and freshly ground black pepper. After dressing, I added another grind of black pepper, and a shower of torn fennel fronds. The slightly licoricey fennel, sweet oranges, peppery arugula, and tangy dressing make for a delicious combination. It is no wonder this is a classic. Whether as a first course, side dish, or light lunch, this healthy, beautiful salad is sure to satisfy. Happy Eating!

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5 responses to “Shaved Fennel and Orange Salad

  1. This is such a fresh salad. I really enjoy the taste of fennel and it matches perfectly with the orange.

  2. That sounds like a winning combination – orange, fennel and arugula. Lovely, too.

  3. This looks perfect for summer…I absolutely love fennel. That last picture you took was fab. And you’re right, there are those days, no matter how much you love cooking, that you just dont want to cook! I could eat this all day, any day!

  4. I’ve actually made a fennel and orange salad before with olives. This is a great variation.

  5. Very refreshing salad…love the vinaigrette, delicious!

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