Linzer Cookies

Shortbread dough is amazing. With just one recipe you can make numerous variations (jam thumbprint cookies on their own or with coconut or nuts, pecan shortbread, lavender shortbread, fruit tart shells, etc), and have a whole assortment of sweet treats. People will think that you have slaved in the kitchen all day, and there is no need to set them straight. Here is yet another classic use for shortbread. These linzer cookies are simply rolled out and cut shortbread dough, sandwiched together (after baking) with good quality, seedless raspberry jam. The tops (which are dusted with powdered sugar before sandwiching) can be cut out with any number of different shapes, to allow the jam to peek through the top, making it easy to personalize them for any occasion. They are buttery and sweet, crisp, and crumbly. Pretty enough to be sophisticated, and yet easy enough to throw together any old time. Perfect for a tea party, or after dinner treat with coffee, and people really go crazy for them. Enjoy!

This post made the Top 9!!!

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16 responses to “Linzer Cookies

  1. Your linzer cookies are beautiful made my mouth water!

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing

  3. I still fondly think of that Valentine’s Party where I first tasted your cookies. I think it has been a couple years now. They are so beautiful.

  4. Everything you create makes me hungry. I don’t know how one can make these cookies any better looking. Feel free to send me any defects.

  5. Steve

    Your food looks amazing Jacob. The photos are fabu too

  6. “Perfect for a tea party” It’s like we speak the same language. Unless you mean the current political style tea party in which case I’d be a no show. GREG

  7. Beautiful! These are my husband’s favorite cookies – will have to make yours!

  8. Joy

    They looks beautiful.

  9. What an adorable cookie! I love the little dot in the middle. I think I will have to try your recipe!

  10. Like I said, you’re tearing it up at Foodbuzz! Congrats, again – these cookies, and your photographs, are delicious!

  11. YUM~ awesome pics and congrats on the top 9!

  12. this and a café would make my night perfect !!!! beautiful photo

  13. Yum yum and again Yum!!!!!

  14. These are amazing! Love shortbread cookies:)

  15. I can eat these off the page! yummy.

  16. Jacob, linzer cookies are one of my favorites. Yours look perfect!

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