Blue Ribbon Winning Cranberry Orange Scones

Scones are one of my signature recipes, and several years ago these particular scones won Best of Class at the Oregon State Fair. Unlike a lot of scones out there, these scones are light, and moist, and full of fresh flavor. While I do really enjoy the look and charm of the classic half-square-triangle scone shape, I typically make mine round. I have always found that the triangle scones bake unevenly and one side is always over baked and crumbly, which for me, ruins the entire experience. (This is one of the rare exceptions in my life where function trumps form.) I also often deliver these scones unbaked (for those who want to, for example, surprise/fool their house guests with their very own freshly baked scones, hot out of the oven for breakfast), and the circles just travel better, for whatever cosmic reason. I like to use lots of fresh orange zest in the dough as well as in the glaze, and I never skimp on cranberries. I think in America we have really become accustom to un-traditionally sweet scones, and mine are no exception. The glaze adds another layer of sweet flavor, while also locking in the moisture, allowing these scones to keep well for up to a week, without a significant change in texture. I have made A LOT of these scones in my time and they are always met with rave reviews.  I can’t imagine anything I would rather have with a cup of coffee in the morning, or a cup of afternoon tea with a friend in the garden.

UPDATE: See my Scone Secrets post for the general recipe, and substitute the lemon zest/strawberries/chocolate chips with the zest of two oranges and a heaping cup of dried cranberries. For the glaze: add the zest of one orange to the juice of two or three oranges, and whisk in enough powdered sugar to form a thick but pourable glaze. Enjoy!


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7 responses to “Blue Ribbon Winning Cranberry Orange Scones

  1. These are so delicious, and I love, love, LOVE getting them uncooked and then baking them up fresh in the morning. Perfect for holidays when you want something special but you want to be with your family/guests and not in the kitchen.

  2. Oh Good Lord! These look marvelous.

    I think I gain a pound every time I visit your page! It makes me start thinking about delicious and decadent things to make. Made Creme Brulee the other night… like I really needed all those extra calories… but it was SO SO good!

  3. Sigh, these look so tasty. I could just eat one for breakfast now…. 🙂

  4. Jill

    Do you have the recipe listed? Or can I get the recipe from you?
    They look awesome

    • Araya

      Hello Jacob. Your scones looked really lovely! I saw your vedio as well, and really would like to try. But i think it might be difficult here(I live in Norway) to find dry strawberries. So I might go for your cranberry orange. I must ask though, do i put cranberries in to the wet ingredIents before refrigerate? Thank you so much again for lovely recipe :))

      • Araya,

        Thanks for stopping by. The cranberry orange are my favorite scone flavor. I do add the dried fruit to the wet to plump up, but it’s not as essential with cranberries as with other dried fruits.

        Hope that helps, happy eating!!


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