There has always been something so luxurious to me about palmiers. As a child they seemed so fancy, as I gazed longingly at them through the display case: all shiny, and swirled, and mysterious.  In reality there is nothing terribly complicated about them. They are made simply with puff pastry and sugar. And that’s it. Well, maybe a pinch of salt. I for one am never going to be the person to spend my time making my own puff pastry. If you are, well, God bless you. But for me, life is just too short. I typically always have at least one package of frozen puff pastry in my freezer at all times, so these are the perfect last minute little delicious nibbley thing to whip up to serve with coffee after dinner, when I am otherwise out of time and ideas. They are delicate, crisp, buttery, and sweet. They always feel like a treat, and no one need know that they are one of the easiest things in the world to make.

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